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“Tenet” is the Hotel in the center of the events, and it is an absolute truth!
The main historical places of interest of Yekaterinburg, museums and theatres are at a walking distance.

Places to see

The Square of the Year of 1905 changed its name many times, but it has always been the center of Yekaterinburg for the citizens since the day of foundation of the city. You may see the estates of the middle of the XIX th century which once belonged to the richest merchants on the one side of the Square and the grand building of the City Administration on the ther
side of it. This building was erected in 1947 and turned to be a symbol of the epoch. A miner and a warrior will meet you above the main arch, and the roof perimeter is decorated with the sculptures of representatives of different professions of the labour Urals. A modern building of “Passage” (“Passazh”) Center which is built in the place of the old one is a new element of the Square. You may visit shops, cafes and cinemas here.
исторический сквер1
The Historical Square which is called “the Dam” among the citizens is a soul of the city. Yekaterinburg was born in this particular place, when in 1723 the dam of the city pond was opened here and workshops of the Ironworks and Copper-Smelting Plant began to function. When Yekaterinburg was 250 years old, the Square was laid, and it turned the former territories of the Works and Plant into a place for walks loved by the citizens. Now the museums are situated in the former workshops, namely: the Museum of Architecture and Industrial Equipment, the Regional Museum of Local Lore, the Museum of Blacksmithing and the Museum of Fine Arts. Not far from them you can see the founders of the city, Wilhelm de Hennin and Vasily Tatishchev, depicted in bronze.

Sevastyanov’s House (35, Lenina Avenue) is the estate with the exceptional architecture for the Urals. The history of the building is really legendary. An officer for Special Orders, N.I. Sevastyanov, created his prosperity due to delivery of metallurgical products for the Crimean War. He bought a house which faced the city pond on the one side, and Glavny Prospekt (called Lenina Avenue now) on the other side. Mr Sevastyanov ordered renovation of the house which turned it into an enchanting palace with surprising forms and colours.
Sevastyanov’s House changed many owners after the Revolution. In 2009 the House was renovated, and its historical face was returned. The Residence of the President of Russia is situated here now, and excursions around the internal halls are held.

The Governor’s House is situated at the address: 21, Gorkogo Street, on the embankment of the city pond. This marvelous house in the style of classicism was erected by an owner of goldmines, former serf, Grigory Zotov during the period from 1818 to 1821 years. A merchant of the top guild Savva Tarasov bought this estate in 1837. He added fashionable eclectic elements to the architectural appearance of the building. The Teacher’s House had been situated here since 1917, and in 1997 the house underwent deep renovation. At the present Governor’s House you may visit the Gallery comprising three halls and see the works of painting and graphics, articles made by the Urals jewelers and enjoy the beauty of the Old Russian icons.

Lenina Avenue, former Glavny Prospekt, stretches for 4600 meters from the Square of Communards, crossing the Square of the Year of 1905 and the Dam, to the Square of Kirov.
The Avenue has traced its history to the day of foundation of the city and erection of the dam in 1723.
You will see the first stone buildings of the city in the style of classicism, the Opera Theater in the modern style, and typical monuments of the style of constructivism: “the House of
Communication” (Pochtamt), “the House of Printing” (“Urals Worker” Printing House), “Iset” Hotel, “the Chekists’ Town”, the Headquarters of the Urals Military District and others in this street. The building of the Ural Polytechnical Institute erected in 1934 (the Ural Federal University now) crowns the view of the Avenue. A nice pedestrian alley is situated in the middle of the Avenue inviting you to have a walk and enjoy the sightseeing of Yekaterinburg.

Places to go

Museums and Leisure Centers

ецYeltsin Center
It became one of the most attended places of the city. Different exhibitions, meetings with interesting people, musical festivals and cinema showings are held here. Media-facades of the Center are a real cultural event attracting a great number of citizens and guests of Yekaterinburg to enjoy the pictures which come alive on the façade of the unique building. The Museum of B.N. Yeltsin situated in the Center is the most modern and interactive museum of Russia. It returns its spectators to the atmosphere of the 1990s so skillfully, that their memories and associations make the audience go through that difficult years again, allowing to look at them from a new point of view. People of the young generation will be interested to see everything with their own eyes: barricades, empty shelves of shops, to climb into that famous trolleybus, to listen to songs by Tsoy … Maybe, the number of questions will be greater than the number of answers, but nobody will remain indifferent.,
House 3, Borisa Yeltsina Str.

“Vysotsky” Business Center, Observation Platform
A bird’s-eye view of the city! An open observation platform is situated on the 52 d floor of “Vysotsky” Business Center, at the height of 186 meters. You will enjoy a really fantastic view: a panorama of Yekaterinburg stretches 25 kilometers away. It is a perfect place to take commemorative pictures!
52d floor, 51, Malysheva Str.

The Museum of Stone-Cutting and Jewelry Art is situated in the historical building of the former Mining Chemist’s erected at the beginning of the XIX th century. The halls of the Museum show the stone-cutting fame of the Urals. A collection of the famous Urals malachite, articles made by the masters of the Yekaterinburg Imperial Lapidary Factory, modern jewelry art and an exposition of the Golden Store-room – a talent of masters from the XVIII th to XXI st centuries.
To enter a special Emerald Room, you have to undergo preliminary registration. Samples of emeralds, beryls, aquamarines, phenacites, alexandrites, precious stones and jewelry masterpieces are exhibited here.,
37, Lenina Avenue

The Museum of Architecture and Design is situated in the Historical Square, in the former workshops of the Yekaterinburg Mechanical Factory. Renewed after renovation in 2015, the Museum preserved an old outdoor exposition, where large equipment of old Urals works and plants is exhibited. Looking at it, you may imagine, in what severe conditions metallurgical power of the Urals was forged. An exposition “Architecture of the Stone Belt” speaks about the Urals art of building from the XVII th to the XX th centuries. An exposition “Urals School of Design” is planned to be a place for exhibitions, including sound-graphical and colour-musical ones. The news feed of the Museum is full of events, and an old workshop lives a new life!,
4 “A”, Gorkogo Str.

The Museum of Fine Arts. You may see the masterpieces from the State Hermitage, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin State Museum in the collection of the Museum thanks to selfless labour of art historians during the years of the Great Patriotic War. But the main pride of the Museum is the Kasli Cast Iron Pavilion and the collection of art iron castings of the XIX th -XX th centuries. Real Masters turned heavy metal into fine lace, reproducing delicate features of movements and mimics. No wonder, the Kasli Pavilion won the Grand Prize at the World Exhibition in Paris in the year of 1900.,
5, Voevodina Str.



The Opera and Ballet Theater is one of the oldest in Russia. It opened the names of I. Kozlovsky, S. Lemeshev, I. Arkhipova and many other famous people to the world. The Theater has dozens of own ballet and opera performances, as well as serves as a place for guest performances of celebrities and musical festivals.,
46 “A”, Lenina Avenue

The Theater of Musical Comedy was opened in 1933 and was planned to be a “cheerful” theater “for such a serious and powerful region, as the Urals”. Since those times it has achieved the title of Academic, but preserved its blithe spirit and ability to be modern all the time. Today you may see both classical operettas and modern musicals in the Theater of Musical Comedy. The Theater won 17 “Golden Mask” Prizes and works as a theater-laboratory which always has something new.,
47, Lenina Avenue

The Drama Theater has had a dramatic history of ups and downs for 86 years of its existence. However, it copes with all historical turns and gladdens the hearts of spectators with new performances and new ways how to make its admirer stay interested again and again. During the last decade, the Theater won “Golden Mask” Prize and Prizes of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region for outstanding achievements in the sphere of literature and arts.,
2, Oktyabrskaya Square

The Youth Palace is a place for holding of concerts, festivals, exhibitions and competitions.,
1, Lenina Avenue

Sports Objects

The Arena at “Uralets” Cultural Entertainment Center, the same as the Ice Arena. This Center was renovated in 2006, and now it is a multi-functional cultural entertainment complex, where an ice arena may be turned into the concert platform. Hockey teams hold their trainings here, as well as major sports competitions and concerts take place too.,
90, Bolshakova Str.

The Central Stadium is preparing to accept matches of the World Football Championship in 2018, and now it is a home stadium for “Ural” Football Club, a place for holding of football matches, track-and- field competitions and mass cultural events of the city.,
5, Repina Str.